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If you’re looking for cat behavior help or cat training, you’re in the right place! Class Act Cats offers both virtual and in home cat behavior consultations to address common and frustrating cat behavior problems along with cat training for fun.

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Cats are
amazing creatures

They bring such joy to our lives and they’re pretty dang cute, too! However, when they are stressed, in pain, or their needs aren’t being met, they may try to communicate that in ways that aren’t fun for humans. They might bite, stop using their litter box, scratch furniture, or exhibit other undesirable behaviors.

As a cat parent who loves their feline friend very much, these behaviors can be extra stressful because you don’t want to be angry with your pet. Can’t things just go back to how they were before? Why is my cat, who I really love, acting like this? It takes a huge mental toll on you!

Thankfully, there is cat behavior help available so you don’t need to navigate this alone. Rather than rehoming a cat with behavior problems, consider hiring a behaviorist! Class Act Cats is a Minneapolis, Minnesota based cat behavior consultation service run by Certified Cat Behavior Consultant Joey Lusvardi designed to turn your cat from sassy to classy. I service cats of all ages, from kittens to senior cats, in Minneapolis, St. Paul, and surrounding subburbs along with offering virtual appointments nationwide. I have extensive experience helping shy or fearful cats, preventing and managing territorial behavior, helping cats stop fighting, and more. Whatever your concern is, chances are I can help!

Behavior consultations involve a thorough assessment of your cat’s behavior. I will then come up with an individualized plan for you to implement so you don’t have to guess about what to do next. If you need to make tough decisions, I will be here to support you in a non-judgmental way regardless of what you ultimately decide.

You’ll set the goals for what you want to accomplish and develop a plan based on the science of cat behavior and learning. I’ll make it as low stress as possible and at times, it will even be fun! You’ll learn to love your cat again and enjoy your time with them.

Scroll down or see my individual service pages to learn more about behavior consultations, what services are available, and pricing. Behavior consultations can be booked right online from my website!

What is a Behavior Consultation?

Many people are familiar with cat training, which is a service I offer, but most folks looking for cat behavior help want a behavior consultation. A behavior consultation can be thought of as a more comprehensive form of cat behavior training. You’ll meet with an expert in cat behavior (sometimes referred to as a cat behavior consultant, cat behaviorist, cat whisperer, or even a cat therapist!) to assess your cat’s unwanted behavior and figure out how to address it. You’ll get a plan and suggestions on what to do next to address your cat’s behavior. Afterward, things may need to be altered so you’ll get continued support and the option to set up follow up sessions until we reach a satisfactory conclusion.

A cat receiving chin scratches looking happy.

Cat Behavior Help
For Every Situation

Behavior consultations can answer a variety of questions about cat behavior including:

  • Why is my cat being aggressive?
  • Why isn’t my cat using the litter box?
  • How do I stop my cat from biting me?
  • How do I stop my cat from peeing in the house?
  • Why is my cat meowing so much?

During our consultation, we’ll focus on both the why and the how questions. We’ll figure out the reason behind your cat’s behavior and how to change it.

You can learn more about behavior consultations and behavior consultants from the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants

Modifying your cat’s behavior may involve a variety of different interventions and doing it on your own can be challenging. This is especially true if you’ve already tried some unsuccessful interventions. By working with a cat behavior specialist, you’ll have someone who really understands cats there helping you! We may change the environment, have you train your cat, or have you modify how you interact with your cat. Everything is individualized based on you and your cat’s needs. You’ll leave feeling more confident that you and your cats will be living happily again!

Do I need a cat behaviorist?

Cat Behavior Services

Class Act Cats offers something for everyone depending on what your cat needs. Whether you need a behavior consultation to address a behavior concern or want a cat trainer to help train your cat to do fun tricks, we’re here to help! Check out each of the service pages to get more information on prices and offerings.

Behavior Consultations

Does your cat have an unwanted behavior such as not using the litter box, aggression, unwanted scratching, or something else? A behavior consultant will help get your cat back on track.

Cat and Kitten Training

Cats can be trained to do all sorts of useful behaviors or tricks. Build your relationship with your cat while having fun!


Do you have fighting cats? You may need a reintroduction to get the fighting to stop. Class Act Cats has developed a special protocol for these challenging situations.


Small group workshops on common cat behavior topics are a great option for those that don't want a full consultation.

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