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A brown tabby cat with big ears chews on a thick blade of grass.

How To Grow Cat Grass

If you have a cat that tends to nibble on plants, one of the best ways to stop your cat from chewing on plants is by growing cat grass. By growing cat grass, you can

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A tabby cat lays on their side on a concrete patio by some wood furniture with paws extended. The cat is looking sad or longingly forward.

Stress Reduction For Cats

I always tell my clients that cats are cute little balls of anxiety. Because cats can be so anxious, stress reduction for cats is a topic that comes up a lot during consultations. While reducing

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A closeup of a brown tabby with eyes wide open and mouth open.
Body Language and Communication

Cat Hissing: Why Do Cats Hiss?

If you’ve spent time around cats, at some point you’ve likely experienced a cat hissing at you. All three of my cats have hissed at me at various times. In fact, the first night both

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The photo is black and white. A woman with her mouth agape has a tabby cat biting her finger.

Why Is My Cat Biting Me?

I got started working with cat behavior after my own normally very sweet cat suddenly became unusually aggressive toward me. It was terrifying and extremely stressful. I remember thinking after each episode, “Why is my

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