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Zoloft the cat lying on a couch.
About Class Act Cats

Remembering Zoloft

It is with an extremely heavy heart and sadness that I cannot even put into words that I must announce that my best friend and the inspiration for Class Act Cats, Zoloft, has passed away.

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A brown tabby cat with the zoomies runs outside in a field.
Cat Behavior

Cat Zoomies: Why Do Cats Get The Zoomies?

Unless you have an exceptionally calm cat, the cat zoomies are something most cat parents are familiar with. Typically your cat will be doing their own thing, just being a little cutie, when suddenly they’ll

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A grey and white kitten sitting on a potted plant.
Behavior Problems

Keeping Cats Away From Plants

Cats are curious creatures. It’s not uncommon for that curiosity to result in chewing on plants when bored. Some cats may also have a natural tendency to chew on plants more than others. While chewing

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A closeup of a catnip plant.
Cat Behavior

What’s The Deal With Catnip?

Happy National Catnip Day! What? It’s a real thing. I am declaring today, April 20th, National Catnip Day for *ahem* reasons. Sure, I may be the only one celebrating it, but hopefully with some time

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