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A black and white cat running through a field.
Cat Behavior

Why Isn’t My Cat Listening To Me?

Most people don’t contact me because their cat is behaving how they’d like. In fact, that’s the majority of what I do: help cat owners solve behavior problems. As you’d expect, I hear a lot

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A grey cat in a cardboard box.
Cat Care Basics

Rehoming Cats: Always a Bad Thing?

Today’s topic is a bit of a tough and nuanced one. It’s hard to capture every possible consideration in a few paragraphs. I also realize it can raise a lot of strong opinions. I want

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A cat and a dog cuddling together.
Cat Behavior

Introducing Dogs and Cats: A Complete Guide

Cats and dogs don’t exactly have reputation for being BFFs, but the reality is that it’s possible for both species to live together without incident. In fact, introducing dogs and cats, if done correctly, can

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Two orange tabby cats fighting.
Behavior Problems

Help! My Cats Are Fighting!

Life with multiple cats can be great: lots of purrs, more snuggles, and cats that may keep each other entertained. Life with fighting cats is less enjoyable, however. Even cats that have gotten along well

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