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A calico cat sleeps on a deep green chair with a salmon colored pillow.
How Does Behavior Modification Work In Cats?

The majority of my work with clients is addressing unwanted cat behaviors via a process called behavior modification. Behavior modification for cats can be challenging and is different for each individual cat. However, there are

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A tabby cat lays on their side on a concrete patio by some wood furniture with paws extended. The cat is looking sad or longingly forward.
Stress Reduction For Cats

I always tell my clients that cats are cute little balls of anxiety. Because cats can be so anxious, stress reduction for cats is a topic that comes up a lot during consultations. While reducing

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The photo is black and white. A woman with her mouth agape has a tabby cat biting her finger.
Why Is My Cat Biting Me?

I got started working with cat behavior after my own normally very sweet cat suddenly became unusually aggressive toward me. It was terrifying and extremely stressful. I remember thinking after each episode, “Why is my

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A grey and white kitten sitting on a potted plant.
Keeping Cats Away From Plants

Cats are curious creatures. It’s not uncommon for that curiosity to result in chewing on plants when bored. Some cats have a natural tendency to chew on plants more than others. While chewing on some

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