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A closeup of a catnip plant.

What’s The Deal With Catnip?

Happy National Catnip Day! What? It’s a real thing. I am declaring today, April 20th, National Catnip Day for *ahem* reasons. Sure, I may be the only one celebrating it, but hopefully with some time

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Zoloft the cat lying on a couch.

Guest Post: Tips For A Great Cat Photo

Today’s special guest post comes courtesy of the fabulous Lisa Peterson of Pawsh Photography. She captured our Chief Purr Officer earlier this year and the results were spectacular. Lisa was kind enough to share some

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A black and white cat running through a field.

Why Isn’t My Cat Listening To Me?

Most people don’t contact me because their cat is behaving how they’d like. In fact, that’s the majority of what I do: help cat owners solve behavior problems. As you’d expect, I hear a lot

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A bengal cat sitting on a kitchen table.

Do Cats Hate Us?

A friend sent me a tweet that has been floating around the internet today about cats experiencing an increase in depression due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Here’s a screenshot of the tweet in question: I

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