Cat Training With Class Act Cats

Despite their reputation for being aloof, not only can cats be trained, but it’s a ton of fun! Training your cat is a great way to prevent behavior problems, bond with your cat, and learn to understand each other better. You’ll be the coolest cat in the neighborhood when everyone sees what your feline friend can do. Best of all, by working with a certified cat trainer like Joey, you’ll know the training is going to be effective.

If you are looking for help with an existing behavior problemyou’ll want a behavior consultation.

A white and orange cat wearing a red harness sniffing a hand.

Fun and Functional

While cat training with Class Act Cats is for fun (schedule a behavior consultation if you want behavior help), it can still prevent unwanted behaviors. Cats can develop unwanted behaviors due to boredom, accidental training by their humans, or stress. Training your cat is a great way to keep their mind busy and your own sanity. You don’t need to wait until your cat is doing something you don’t like to get training!

Training Prices

Not sure about cat training or want dip your toes in? An initial session is a great place to start. All new clients are required to book an initial session for training as we need to go over your goals, training basics, and assess your cat.

Initial Training Session - $100

60 minute initial session to go over the basics of cat training for fun, discuss goals, and come up with a plan. Cat training does not include follow up between sessions and instead you’ll need to schedule another session to review progress.

Follow Up Sessions - $50

Single 30 minutes follow up session to continue training, alter plan, and continue progress. Follow up sessions include a quick discussion of challenges and time for me to observe you training your cat and discuss changes.

Cat Training Package - $225

Committed to cat training? Save some $$$ and keep working with us by booking a package of sessions. A session package includes your initial 1 hour session and 3 follow up sessions.


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