Make Life Easier For You and Your Cat

Easy Cat Care Sessions

Many cat parents struggle with some basic care techniques for the cats. It feels like getting your cat to do even something as simple as brushing them may result in injury! Because these are such common problems, I offer quick 30-45 minute virtual sessions to help cat parents learn how to make the process much easier. It will be low stress on both you and your cat. Believe it or not, even things like medicating your cat can be easy! 

Currently, I offer Easy Cat Care sessions for the following:

  • Medicating your cat (pills, topicals, etc.)
  • Carrier or harness training
  • Nail trims
  • Teeth brushing
  • Brushing/grooming

I may be able to accommodate something else outside of these so please ask if you have something else in mind.


As these are preventative sessions, they’re a bit different than my behavior consultations or cat training. Sessions are only offered virtually to keep costs low. Relevant handouts are included as part of your consultation. You also get two check ins via e-mail within a month after our session to tweak the plan if needed.

Important note: These sessions are focused, brief sessions. As such, I cannot answer questions about other behavior topics as part of them. If you need help with a litter box problem, aggression, or something else, please sign up for a behavior consultation

These sessions are designed for one cat. If you have multiple cats, you can likely use a lot of the information you’ll learn during our session for your other cats. However, we’ll need to focus on one cat to get through everything. If you want to do multiple cats, we can extend the session a bit for a small extra charge. Please contact me directly to discuss.

Sessions are $55 individually or you can get a bit of a discount by purchasing a few (or all) of them at once.

Bundle and Save

Not sure which one you want help with? Have a cat that really needs a lot of help? I got you. Save a bit of money by doing a package of three sessions or do all six of my current offerings. You’ll have the classiest cat in town and your life will be way, way less stressful.

Packages are valid for 6 months after purchase. I suggest meeting every other week.

Any 3 Sessions - $150

Your choice of any three behavior topics! Get any 3 of the behavior topics listed above. You don’t need to decide immediately which ones you want to do so if you’re on the fence between two, you can pick one later.

Let's Do 'Em All - $225

Oh man, your cat is really lucky. You are going to have the easiest time taking care of them! Let’s do all five of the above. (Or there may be another topic we can do. Just let me know if there’s another basic care topic you want to know more about)