Additional information about my policies regarding scheduling, cancellations, refunds, rescheduling, travel expenses, and more. By booking services, you agree to these policies and our Terms of Service (below). Please see the privacy policies page for Class Act Cats LLC's full privacy policy.

Please carefully read these policies and ask questions prior to booking!

How Does It Work?

I strongly recommend you schedule an appointment with your veterinarian if you have not had one since the onset of any problematic behaviors. It is very important that medical causes of behavior problems are ruled out and I cannot make a medical diagnosis. 


1) Look over our services and decide what may be appropriate for your cat. If you are unsure, a free 15 minute initial consultation may be a good place to start!

2) New July 2022, you can book directly online using Calendly! Please see my behavior consultation page, cat training page, and reintroduction program page click on the appropriate link for the service you want to book. You'll submit payment when you register.

3. In the confirmation e-mail, there will be links to complete my new client form and client contract. Please complete these at least 24 hours prior to your scheduled session.

4. We will meet at our scheduled time and discuss more details about your cat(s) and come up with a plan to address their behavior.

5. At the end of our session, we'll discuss follow up sessions and next steps.

6. I will get you a brief written or video summary (your choice) and any additional resources I recommend by e-mail by the end of the next day.

Follow up sessions work the same, but do not incude a full written summary. They do include any resources and any specific instructions that need to be written down. All sessions (except Zoomies sessions) include 30 days of follow up by e-mail or text. Zoomies sessions include two weeks of follow up.


Payment is due in full up front when you book. If you prefer payment via Venmo or another means, contact me directly.

Cancelation, Rescheduling, and No Shows

I understand that schedules change and things happen. However, canceling and rescheduling affects not only me, but other clients or potential clients. Because of that, I allow rescheduling up to 3 days ahead of your scheduled session. You can reschedule directly using Calendly.

Anything less than 3 days can be rescheduled one time for a $25 fee to account for the impact on myself and others. If you cancel or reschedule less than 24 hours ahead of your scheduled appointment, you forfeit your payment and will be required to pay a new fee to reschedule.

If you cancel your session more than 24 hours in advance and pay the reschedule fee, you may use the fee you payed toward another booking for up to 6 months from date of purchase.

CAC reserves the right to limit further rescheduling or requiring an additional fee in cases of repeated reschedules even if they are outside the 3 day window to reschedule. In extreme cases, CAC reserves the right to refuse further reschedules. Consultation charges will not be refunded in these cases.

If you change your mind about doing an in person session, you are welcome to switch to a virtual consultation by letting me know. Note that I must be notified of the change before leaving or you may forfeit some of your consultation time and that travel fees are non-refundable with the excpetions outline below.

Not showing up for appointments without canceling ahead of time will result in forfeiting the time and travel fees for that appointment and/or CAC refusing further services in situations of repeated no shows. It is always better to contact us to cancel your appointment or let us know you are running behind than just not showing up. Any appointment where there has not been any contact with Class Act Cats for 10 minutes past the start of the scheduled appointment time will be considered a no show.

Session Expiration

Part of the benefit of working with me that it helps keep you on track. If you go too long between sessions, people tend to be less successful and little problems build up. It ultimately creates more work for all involved!

Because of this, sessions expire 6 months after purchase. For people who purchase a package of 8 follow up sessions, this time frame is extended to 9 months. For 10 session packages, this time frame is extended to 12 months. Most people use their sessions within this timeframe without problems.

On the off chance you decide you don't want to use some of your sessions, I offer the option to donate the sessions to a local rescue. You just need to notify me in writing that you do not intend to use your remaining sessions and that I have permission to offer them to a rescue.


I begin doing work for you as soon as you book! In some cases, I may begin offering you management advice right away. It also blocks off time that someone else will not be able to book during, including time before and after the session. Because of this, I do not offer refunds for consultations or follow up sessions.

All cat product sales are final and non-refundable.

Resceduling fees are non-refundable.

Travel fees are non-refundable with the exception of if you accidentally booked an in person consultation and are outside my service area OR in the case of weather or public health emergencies. In these situations, you may be offered a virtual session and the travel fee refunded. It is up to Class Act Cats' sole discretion if this applies.

When dealing with animals, responses to any intervention are unpredictable and depend on many factors. CAC cannot guarantee the success of any intervention and no refunds will be given for unsuccessful interventions. If CAC does not feel we can effectively address your problem, you may be recommended to seek services elsewhere.

In Person Sessions Expectations

In person sessions require additional travel and resources. It is important that you are prepared for our appointment.

It is extremely important that all involved are safe and as distraction free as possible. Please ensure minimize disruptions during our appointment and try to limit comings and goings.

As we have all learned from the COVID-19 pandemic, diseases can be spread easily. If you or anyone in your home are feeling ill, please switch your appointment to a virtual session. Class Act Cats reserves the right to end the appointment in cases of illness.

Class Act Cats reserves the right to require masking and will respect your request to wear a mask if desired.

In situations where safety may be compromised for other reasons, Class Act Cats reserves the right to end the session at any time. Remainder of the session time will be forfeited.

Class Act Cats reserves the right to refuse in person sessions for any reason at its sole discretion including due to, but not limited to, weather, distance, illness, safety, or situations where a virtual session would be in the best interest of your cat(s).

Winter In Person Session Policies

Weather in Minnesota can be unpredictable, especially from the months of November to April. During these months, the following additional policies apply to in person sessions:

  • In cases of forecast extreme weather conditions or poor road conditions, I may temporarily limit my service area for in person sessions. Updates will be posted on social media and clients will be contacted directly if they are affected.
  • Sessions may be converted to virtual sessions if I deem conditions are dangerous or are forecast to become dangerous. This also applies if you or anyone in your household has been diagnosed with or is exhibting symptoms of winter respiratory illnesses including COVID-19 or influenza. Rescheduling fees will be waived in these situations and travel fees will be refunded. You will also be allowed to reschedule without penalty less than 24 hours ahead of your session only in situations of weather and illness related cancelations/reschedules.
  • Generally, first sessions will be allowed to be conducted in home and follow ups will be done virtually unless I deem it necessary that another in person session will be beneficial.
  • Weather conditions are at my sole discretion and determination (I am the one coming to you!). Examples of extreme weather include, but are not limited to, heavy snowfall, blizzard or blizzard like conditions, extreme cold temperatures, or any conditions that may cause ice to develop on roadways. This policy also includes any situation where roadways have not been safely plowed or I am unable to safely drive due to recent extreme weather.

Communication and Session Frequency

It is important that, during the process of addressing behavior problems, you are an active participant in order for the interventions to have the greatest chance of succeeding. This includes regular check ins as determined during our sessions. Most sessions include some sort of follow up between sessions, generally for 30 days afterward (except for Zoomies sessions). I do an initial check in with clients, but after that let you decide when and how much you want to check in during that time. It's already included in the price of your sessions so you are encouraged to ask questions and update me on how you are doing.

In situations where I have not heard from you for more than 2 months, you may be required to schedule a longer session or a new consultation session to go over changes that have occurred as often a lot will have changed!

I generally will not respond to e-mails, texts, or other messages after 9 pm or before 9 am. Please allow up to 48 hours for a response.

In some cases for minor questions or clarifications, e-mail or text may work to communicate. However, you may be asked to schedule a session or phone call for more complicated problems.

After your e-mail/text follow up is complete, you are ALWAYS welcome to send me updates on how you and your cats are doing. I love hearing from clients who have been doing well! I especially love if people send me cute cat pictures, just saying...

Termination of Client Relationship

I am here to help you and your cat(s). At times the process may be frustrating or I may suggest things you don't want to do. I will continue to work with you as long you have payed for and within the best of my abilities.

It is important that all involved feel safe while we work together so in extreme cases, Class Act Cats reserves the right to terminate the client relationship or refuse further services. Situations where this may occur include, but are not limited to:

  • Situations where safety of Class Act Cats staff, clients, cats, or other animals may be compromised or where there is a perception they may be compromised
  • Harrassment or discrimination of any kind including making disparaging remarks about someone based on their identities.
  • Threats of violence or actual violence toward CAC staff, clients, cats, or others.
  • Refusal to adhere to CAC's other policies.
  • Threats including blackmail or demanding additional uncompensated services

Class Act Cats reserves in its sole discretion if any of the above apply. Refunds will not be issued if client relationship is terminated.

I love working with clients and their cats so I really don't want to have to terminate any clients so this is not my first choice of actions. Please be kind, respectful, and safe and I will do the same back. We're on the same team!

Workshop Policies

Registration for workshops is done through Calendly. You will be redirected to pay your fee after you register. The fee is due upon registration so please pay right away. Your spot is not confirmed until your fee is payed. If you do not have your fee paid 7 days prior to the workshop, your registration will be canceled. If there are open spots available, you may register again if you pay the registration fee.

If you register less than 7 days prior to the workshop, you have 24 hours to pay the registration fee or your registration will be canceled.

As workshops are designed to be for small groups, there are a limited number of spots for each workshop. If you have a spot and do not plan on attending, please cancel your spot. The link to cancel is in your confirmation e-mail, but if you run into trouble please send me an e-mail. 

Workshop registration fees are refundable up to 7 days prior to the workshop date. As we may not be able to fill the spot, fees will not be refunded if canceled less than 7 days in advance.

Class Act Cats LLC reserves the right to remove anyone who is being disruptive or disrespectful during workshops. Depending on the nature of the disruption, you may be removed with or without warning. You will not receive a refund if this occurs. Depending on the nature of the disruption or in the case of repeated situations which require your removal, you may be banned from registering for future events.