Fighting Cats? Restore Harmony to Your Home

Have you tried figuring out how to get your cats to get along and stop fighting? Are you worried that rehoming one of your cats is the only option left? Figuring out how to repair a broken relationship between cats can be stressful, frustrating, and confusing. Thankfully, you don’t have to guess or rely on generic, outdated information. Class Act Cats has developed a program specifically to help your cats be able to live together once again where we walk you through the entire process.

How Can I Help My Cats Get Along?

Whether you’re trying to fix a cat introduction gone wrong  from the start or stop the fur flying between cats that previously lived peacefully together, it’s no easy task to figure out what to do. Rather than get stuck in an endless cycle of trying methods that aren’t working, let us make it easy for you.

Our program is structured to get you results and help you through the whole process. Because we take a very hands on approach to reintroductions, there are limited spots in the program so we can focus on individual clients. At the beginning, we meet frequently early on because the beginning is often the most challenging part of the process. As you begin to see progress, we’ll space things out and meet at the highest yield, most valuable times to check in.

You won’t feel lost, uncertain, and unsure what to do any longer. You and your cats will have the best chance of success possible.

What Does Class Act Cats' Reintroduction Program Involve?

Because every group of fighting cats is different, Class Act Cats’ reintroduction program is flexible enough to be adapted to your situation while still providing you the best chance of a successful resolution. The program includes:

  • A 90 minute assessment that includes an honest assessment of the chances of a successful integration between the cats
  • A customized behavior plan that starts where your cats are currently
  • We walk you through the whole process! The plan is delivered in chunks rather than all at once so it’s manageable for you
  • The option of adding on a 1 hour clicker training lesson and an extended video review session to go over your cats’ individual body language
  • 30 minute follow up sessions every two-ish weeks to make adjustments to the plan and provide comprehensive support
  • Rapid intervention should you run into trouble so you don’t waste time getting stuck
  • E-mail guidance to adjust the plan between sessions as we figure out what works for your cats
  • Homework, targeted review of videos, handouts, and check ins between sessions are all included in the price

This unique program provides you with peace of mind that you’ll have all the support you need during what can be a long process. You won’t be left guessing at what to do next and we can work together and adapt quickly to give you the best chance of a successful outcome.

Have a really severe situation or know you want some additional help? Our SOS Reintroduction Package is more structured and may be for you. The package includes:

  • Your initial 90 minute session
  • 1 week later we meet for a 1 hour clicker training lesson
  • 2 weeks after the first session, we do a live video review and follow up session. We’ll go over body language in your cats and signs to look for that things are going well or aren’t going well.
  • Option to meet in another week for some reassurance
  • After that, we meet every 2 weeks for 30 minutes until we’ve reached a resolution
This package is the best way to solve aggression between cats. Our clients who have done it have found the whole process significantly easier. They understood what to do better and got extra intervention during the beginning of the process which many find to be the most challenging part.

Do I Need Any Special Equipment?

Yes. There are certain parts of the process that will require some equipment. A lot of it you may already have. Whatever you don’t have, we keep a list of suggested cat products so that we can figure out what works best with your layout and budget.

We may have clients finishing up the program who would be willing to sell you their supplies at a discount. If this is an option, we will let you know and (with permission of all involved) get you in touch with each other.

A grey tabby cat sitting in a box, looking up, in a living room.

How Much Does It Cost?

Everyone starts with a 90 minute behavior consultation and a 30 minute follow up session. The initial consultation is $185 and a single 30 minute virtual follow up is $60. The total for both is $245. We do not offer single consultations for aggression between cats so both sessions are required.

Because cat conflict is challenging to resolve, you should go into this expecting to need more than one sessionAll you commit to in order to start is the initial session and a single follow up. There’s no pressure to sign up for the program and we’ll still help you figure out where to begin regardless.

If you want to go with our SOS Reintroduction package, the total cost is $475 for the initial session, clicker training session, extended 45 minute follow up, and two 30 minute follow ups. You save $20 by going with this option!

Follow Up Session Costs

After we meet, you will have the option of purchasing a clicker training lesson and extended follow up with a cat body language lesson for $185.

Follow ups are $60 per 30 minutes and include two weeks of e-mail/text follow up after each session. Most clients meet with us every two weeks as this gets better results than relying on e-mail or text follow up and allows to to actually walk you through, step by step, with each part of the process. If you commit to at least two months at a time, you can get a discount on the per-session cost of follow ups.

Established client looking to schedule a follow up session? You can purchase follow up sessions through our website.

How Many Sessions Will I Need And What Is The Total Cost?

It is challenging to predict how long it will take to get your cats to peacefully coexist, but the process takes a few months and will need multiple follow up sessions. Depending on how much support you need and how severe the fighting between your cats is, you can expect to spend $600 to $1500 total. You can pay this in chunks so you don’t need to pay the full cost up front.

Working with Class Act Cats is a great choice as you won’t be stuck guessing what to do next. Our clients who follow our program put in a lot of hard work and they get results that match their work. Why try to DIY a complicated process when you can have an expert guide you through the whole thing? It will be significantly less work and effort in the end.

How Do I Get My Cats To Stop Fighting?

If you’re ready to get started, you can schedule your initial session plus your first follow up session directly on our website using the button below. There are limited spots in the reintroduction program so spots are only open to folks who are a good fit!

Remember, even if you aren’t appropriate for the program we’ll still help you figure out what to do so there’s no downside to getting going.


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