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Sometimes cats who have previously gotten along will begin fighting. In other cases, your cats may have never gotten along. It can be extremely scary and stressful to try to stop them from fighting constantly or not know if your cats will hurt each other. Class Act Cats has developed a program specifically for these situations. Learn more below!

How Can I Help My Cats Get Along?

Cats may fight with other cats for a variety of reasons. Perhaps they weren’t introduced properly to begin with. They might have had a bad experience and associated it with the other cat. In some cases, such as when one cat goes to the veterinarian, groomer, or another place, your cats may not recognize each other upon their return. This can lead to conflict and fighting between cats in the home.

This is an extremely stressful situation for humans and cats alike as having to be prepared to break up a cat fight constantly is a lot to deal with. While you could separate the cats permanently or hope that they don’t do anything to hurt each other (or you!), that is no way to live. Wouldn’t you rather your cats got along again?

If you need to help your cats stop fighting, you might be a candidate for Class Act Cats’ reintroduction program. This program is designed to help address cat conflict, which is one of the most challenging cat behavior problems to resolve. Thankfully, I have a lot of experience successfully resolving cat relationships that have deteriorated and designed a special program specifically for these situations.

What Does Class Act Cats' Reintroduction Program Involve?

Reintroductions and getting cats to stop fighting can be a long process. My program is designed to provide you with comprehensive support and follow up, especially during the beginning of the process when there is a lot to figure out. The plan will be adapted based on your individual cats’ responses. The program includes:

  • A 90 minute assessment, explanation of the process, and initial behavior modification plan
  • More frequent, short sessions compared to my usual behavior consultations to work through this complex process without having to guess what to do next
  • Expert guidance on the process of repairing your cats’ relationship and support the whole time
  • Follow up after the program is complete
  • Homework, review of videos, and check ins between sessions are all included in the price

This unique program provides you with peace of mind that you’ll have all the support you need during what can be a long process. You won’t be left guessing at what to do next and we can work together and adapt quickly based on how your cats respond.

Do I Need Any Special Equipment?

Yes. There are certain parts of the process that will require some equipment. A lot of it you may have around the house already. Whatever you don’t have, I keep a list of suggested cat products so that we can figure out what works best with your layout and budget.

In some cases, I know how to find some of the materials that you’ll need for a low cost or offer some creative solutions. Unless you have particularly challenging cats, there may be some flexibility in what we do to accomplish what we need to to help your cats (and you) feel less tense. 

A grey tabby cat sitting in a box, looking up, in a living room.

How Much Does It Cost?

The program is designed to provide you with a lot of support and make this process as simple for you as possible. Pricing is designed so we can meet more frequently than I meet with clients with other behavior problems while still allowing you to have access to support between sessions.  

Everyone starts with an initial consultation (same as my regular behavior consultations) to make sure your situation is appropriate for the program. The initial consultation is $185 for virtual sessions. Initial in home sessions are $240. During this session, I will help determine if my reintroduction program is the right choice for you. There’s no pressure to sign up for the program and I’ll still help you figure out what some options are regardless. Even if you don’t go with the program, you will still receive advice on what to do next, though you likely won’t be able to completely do the full process in one session.

If you are a good fit for the program and have an appropriate situation for a reintroduction, you will be allowed to do 30-minute follow-up sessions every two weeks. Follow ups are $60 per 30 minutes and include two weeks of e-mail/text follow up after each session. If you commit to at least two months at a time, you can get a discount on the per-session cost of follow ups.

If you are not appropriate for a reintroduction program, you will be offered my regular follow ups of either 45 minutes or 1 hour meeting less frequently. 

Depending on how much support you need and your cats, you can expect to spend $500 to $1250 total, though for complex cases it may be more. In-home sessions are an option for the first session, though for cat conflict situations there is no advantage to doing an in-home session so I STRONGLY recommend doing a virtual session.

How Do I Get Started Helping My Cats Stop Fighting?

Class Act Cats’ reintroduction program is by approval only so I need to determine whether your situation is severe enough to warrant a full reintroduction or if we can help your cats stop fighting another way.

To get going, sign up for a behavior consultation with me. You can use the button below or, if you like doing extra clicks, you can head to my behavior consultations page and get started there. It’s the same price and the same process for the first session. I strongly recommend a virtual consultation for your first session. Why? There is no advantage to having me come out to your home for cat conflict cases and I often see your cats acting more naturally virtually as me showing up often changes their behavior. Most of what we do doing the first session is discussing the behavior and I have you get video of the cats interacting if it occurs naturally. If an in home session would be beneficial, we can discuss this for a follow up session.

Remember, even if you aren’t appropriate for the program we’ll still help you figure out what to do so there’s no downside to setting up the initial session.

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