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Whatever feline behavior concern you have, I have a service that fits your needs! I offer consultations to help address behavior problems that have already come up, cat training, and preventative services to prevent behavior concerns before they arise. Not sure where to begin or have more questions and want to set up a time to talk? A great starting place is a quick introductory consultation to discuss your concerns and get you connected with the right service.
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Introductory Consultation
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    Free 15 minute consultation
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    Phone or video appointment
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    Discuss your concerns and goals
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    Ensure you're getting connected with the right service

Cat More Sassy than Classy?

My behavior appointments and packages are meant to address existing behavioral concerns. Before resorting to undesirable outcomes like rehoming, let me help!

Packages Provide the Best Value

Consulting packages are optimized to provide a comprehensive and customized approach. You'll also save money and follow up is included!

Additional add-on time can be added on to packages at a discounted rate. 

  • Seated cat

    Fancy Cat Package

    Purrfect for the cat who is a little too spicy!
    • Includes one 1.5-2 hour extended initial consultation plus:
    • -> One 30 minute follow up
    • -> Two phone calls OR an additional 30 minute follow up session
    • -> Email support in between appointments (up to 3 weeks) plus for 60 days afterward
  • Seated cat

    Top Hat Cat Package

    Purrfect for when your cat’s concern requires more intervention or you want more support
    • Includes one 1.5-2 hour extended initial consultation plus:
    • -> Two 30 minute follow up sessions
    • -> Two phone calls OR an additional 30 minute follow up session
    • ->Email support between appointments (up to 5 weeks) plus for 60 days afterward
  • Seated cat

    Total Class Act Package

    Purrfect for cats needing the most deluxe level of support and follow up to reach their classy best
    • Includes 1.5 to 2 hour extended initial consultation plus:
    • -> Four 30 minute follow up sessions
    • -> Four phone calls OR 2 additional 30 minute follow up sessions
    • ->Email support between appointments (up to 6 weeks) and for 90 days afterward

Cat Already Pretty Classy?

Preventative and wellness services are tailored toward keeping your cat their happy, classy best and preventing future behavioral concerns

Packages Provide the Best Value

Consulting packages are optimized to provide a comprehensive and customized approach. You also save money compared to booking an individual session!

  • Seated cat

    Welcome Home Package

    Purrfect when adding a new cat to your home to prevent behavior problems
    • Includes one 60 minute consultation plus:
    • -> two 30 minute follow-up sessions
    • -> 90 days of email support
    • Ideal use: 1st consultation before arrival. Follow-up sessions at 2-5 days and 2-3 weeks after (though timing is flexible!)
    • Planning to introduce a new cat to your current cat(s)? This is the purrfect choice!
  • Seated cat

    Clicker Training Package

    Purrfect for teaching positive behaviors as well as fun tricks
    • Learn to use a simple clicker tool to create big changes in your cat!
    • Determine what motivates your cat and what you want them to learn
    • Creates a custom training plan for you and your cat to bond and learn together
    • Includes one 60-90 minute initial meeting plus:
    • -> three 30 minute follow-up sessions
    • -> 30 days of email support
  • Seated cat

    The Purrfection Package

    Purrfect for ensuring your cat is living a life of luxury and wellness, preparing for big life transitions, or preventing behavior problems
    • Enhance your cat’s life and improve your bond with your cat
    • Prevent problem behaviors by preparing for upcoming changes in your (and your cat's!) life
    • Package includes extended 90 minute consultation plus:
    • -> 30 days of email support
    • -> One phone call OR a 30 minute follow up session

Individual Appointments

While packages are a better value and better for your cat, I offer individual appointments for those who want it.

Note about aggression/biting: Due to the nature of aggression, individual appointments are not an option for cases involving aggression. Please take a look at our packages for options.

  • Seated cat

    The Zoomies Session

    For minor, brief problems or general cat education
    • 30 minute video appointment
    • Brief overview of your goals and your cat
    • Ask any questions you have about cats
    • Discuss solutions to behavior problems
    • Help locating additional resources
    • Written summary of recommended interventions
  • Seated cat

    Individual Consultation Session

    Single 90 minute session to go over behavior problems or discuss prevention of problem behaviors.
    • Either via video conference or in person
    • Receive a custom behavior plan for your cat!
    • Suggestions for improving your cat's behavior based on science
    • Single session (Does not include follow up)
    • Additional time can be booked in 15 minute increments at the same rate
  • Seated cat


    Purrfect if you need extra support with a flexible format. If you purchased a package, you get a discount on these prices!
    • Follow-up: $75 per 30 minute session (phone or video)
    • ->Check-in and keep your plan on track
    • -> Tweak strategies if conditions have changed
    • Email support: $50 per month
    • -> extend your email support or add to individual appointment types
    • Phone support: $37.50 per 15 minute increment
    • -> When you need more than an email but less than a follow-up session

Booking A Consultation

If you already know what you want and don't want to set up a free introductory consultation, getting started with a consultation is easy! I handle scheduling directly so I can make sure you're getting connected with the right service. Here is an outline of how to process works:

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    Select A Service

    Take a look at the service offerings above and select which one you are most interested in. If you aren't sure which is best, that's okay! I'm happy to help you pick out the right one. Either schedule a free introductory consultation,send me an e-mail at [email protected] , or call/text me at (763) 308-5069. We'll figure it out!

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    Contact Me

    Get in contact however you choose:

    Please include some information on what you are looking for help with and let me know which service you are interested in.

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  • 3

    Wait For A Reply

    I will get back to you within 48 hours (usually much sooner!) to get any more details I may need, find a time that works for us to meet, and help you pay your deposit. Once your deposit is paid, you're all set!

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Gift Cards and Gift Packages

  • Gift Packages

    Looking for the ideal gift for a special cat parent? Any service can be purchased as a gift! Just let me know by contacting me at [email protected] or using our contact form that the purchase is a gift and we'll make arrangements. I can provide a certificate for you to give to them or contact the recipient directly.
  • Gift Certificates

    Available in any amount over $20. I can forward the gift certificate to the recipient directly or give you a redemption code. E-mail [email protected] or use our contact form to get started!

Travel Fee

Most of the time, virtual consultations are a great way to do an assessment. My prices are set based on virtual sessions. However, there may be reasons where it makes sense for me to come by your home for a consultation (or you may just prefer an in-home consultation!). This involves extra time and travel expenses so an additional fee of $25 will be charged to account for this. If you are outside my service area, an additional fee may be charged to account for the additional travel time and expense. Travel fees are due at booking and are non-refundable. 

Current service areas for in person appointments include Minneapolis, St. Paul, St. Louis Park, Golden Valley, Brooklyn Center, Fridley, Columbia Heights, New Brighton, Fridley, Crystal, Robbinsdale, St. Anthony, Lauderdale, Roseville, Falcon Heights, Arden Hills, Edina, Minnetonka, and surrounding suburbs. Note that this area is subject to change so please ask if you're interested in an in person appointment.

Virtual appointments can be conducted for those in greater Minnesota or anywhere in the United States!

Multi-Cat Fee

Some behavior problems involve work on multiple cats in the same household. Because of the extra work involved with addressing behavior problems in multiple cats, a one time $25 fee will be charged per cat. This will only be charged in situations where the other cat(s) are actively needing intervention as well and is NOT charged simply because your household has multiple cats.

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