Learn About Cat Behavior in a Group Setting

Have a cat behavior topic that you and a couple friends are interested in? Do you have a group that’s interested in learning about cat behavior? I’m available to do workshops or speak!

For groups of at least four people, I can set up a presentation or interactive workshop on a topic of your choice.

Workshops or presentations can be done in person or virtually so even if you’re not located in Minneapolis, St. Paul, or a nearby suburb, you can still learn about cats from a certified cat behavior consultant!

If you’re interested in a workshop or having me speak to your group, please fill out the interest form at the bottom of the page. As workshops are run a bit differently than my regular behavior consultations, I handle booking directly. Pricing depends on the size of your group, location, and length of presentation.

Run a veterinary clinic? If you are local to the Twin Cities, I’m happy to speak to your clinic staff free of charge. Just get in touch!

Run a veterinary clinic?

If you are local to the Twin Cities, I'm happy to speak to your clinic staff free of charge. Just get in touch!

Workshop Offerings

I currently offer the following workshops ready to go, but if you have a specific cat behavior topic you’d like to have a presentation on, please let me know and I can come up with something for you. Please fill out the form at the bottom of the page to get in touch about what topic you’re interested in!

Cute cat sharpening claws on tree with tulips in light room

Scratching Solved

Learn how to protect your furniture from unwanted scratching without declawing your cat! You'll learn about why cats scratch, tips and tricks to manage unwanted scratching, how to pick out a scratching post your cat actually enjoys, and more! This workshop involves looking live at your own scratching posts and set up so participants will leave with new ideas on how to keep their cat happy while keeping their furniture unscathed.

Young tabby cat isolated on grey background

Kitty Playtime

Learn how to prevent behavior concerns by playing with your cat! We'll talk about which cat toys are more likely for your cat to like playing with (not all cat toys are designed with cats in mind), how to get more engaging play time in, and how to make some of your own cat toys at home! We'll work on making some of these during the session. There is a small supply list, a lot of which you may already have at home, that will be sent out the week before the workshop.

scared black and white domestic cat close up

Anxiety No More!

One thing I hear over and over from cat parents is how challenging it is to get your cat to the vet, give them pills, or clip their nails. Most of the challenges from these behaviors come from anxiety. In this workshop, we'll go over how to reduce anxiety in your cat surrounding nail trims, using a carrier, getting medication, or a variety of other topics. Your life will be easier and your cat will be happier!

A beautiful tortie cat lying on a table in the sunlight.

Secrets to a Happy Cat

This workshop is a broad overview of how to keep your cat happy. We'll touch on elements from other workshops, but in particular will discuss play, meeting your cat's basic needs, and how to tell if your cat is living their best life. This workshop can be offered in an abbreviated format and combined with making a craft for your cat.

A training clicker on a wood table background.

Group Introductory Clicker Training

Want to learn how to train your cat? Not sure about private cat training? Get together a group and we'll go over how to start training your cat using a simple tool and some treats. I'll even teach you secrets to doing training with deaf cats or cats who aren't very food motivated. Cats can be trained!

A closeup portrait of a beautiful medium hair brown tabby cat.

Emotional Support Animals

In addition to a certified cat behavior consultant, I'm also a licensed physician assistant with expensive experience in psychiatry. I have a unique ability to discuss emotional support animals from both a medical/mental health and an animal behavior perspective. I can come speak on whatever aspect of emotional support animals your group needs! **This is a speaking topic only and not an interactive workshop**

Workshop Request Form

Complete this form and I will get back to you within 48 hours with information about pricing and availability. For speaking engagements, you can still use this form. There is an option under the workshop topic to specify that you want me to speak to you group!

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