Prevent unwanted behaviors with feline behavior workshops

Class Act Cats is now offering workshops! Workshops are a great option for folks who want to learn more about cat behavior or prevent unwanted behaviors. Many workshops are delivered virtually so we can work together in real time.

Workshops are designed to be interactive and not just me lecturing you over a Power Point. You will get the most out of the workshops if you actively paritcipate and at times have your camera on. Workshop sizes will be kept small to make sure everyone can participate.

Workshops topics will be repeated. If you don't see a session coming up, check back as new dates and topics will be added!

I can also do private workshops or presentations for your group on a feline behavior topic. Please send an e-mail to [email protected] to discuss pricing and how I can meet your needs.

Cat sitting at a computer staring at a screen with 7 cats on it

Upcoming Workshops

All workshops are $25. Link with dates and registration is below. Registration is refundable up to 7 days prior to workshop date at which point no refunds will be issued.

All workshops are virtual and done via Google Meet unless otherwise indicated.

  • Scratching Solved

    Cat scratching your furniture or other places in your home? Come learn the secrets to stopping scratching! You'll learn about why cats need to keep their claws and why being able to scratch is important to cats, how to stop scratching (without declawing or a squirt bottle!), and how to pick out a good scratching post. Your cat (and your couch) will thank you for attending!
  • Kitty Playtime

    Learn how to prevent behavior concerns by playing with your cat! We'll talk about which cat toys are more likely for your cat to like playing with (not all cat toys are designed with cats in mind), how to get more engaging play time in, and how to make some of your own cat toys at home! We'll work on making some of these during the session. There is a small supply list, a lot of which you may already have at home, that will be sent out the week before the workshop.
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