Class Act Cats: Your Pathway to a Happy Cat Without the Guesswork

Joey surrounded by cats.Class Act Cats is a feline behavior consultation service run by Certified Cat Behavior Consultant Joey Lusvardi (he/him) based out of Minneapolis, Minnesota. 

I service the Twin Cities metro area including Minneapolis, St. Paul, and surrounding suburbs, but am available for virtual cat behavior help wherever you are!

I offer cat behavior help to reduce the stress and uncertainty that comes with having a cat with behavior concerns. I can help with a variety of behavior problems including:

  • Biting
  • Litter box problems and litter box training
  • Excessive meowing
  • Aggression toward humans or other cats
  • Compulsive grooming and other compulsive behaviors
  • Destructive scratching
  • Behavior problems in kittens/kitten training
  • Problems between cats and dogs
  • Separation anxiety in cats
  • Reducing fear in shy or fearful cats
  • Attention seeking behavior

My approach takes into account your cat’s and your family’s needs. If your cat isn’t behaving their classiest, you have enough stress as is. We’ll come up with a plan together that meets your needs and lifestyle. I’ll be here to support you along the way, too!

If your cat is experiencing behavior issues caused by a medical problem, I can work with your veterinarian to support their treatment plan. From helping your cat take pills to helping your cat get into their carrier easily, I can teach you how to work with your cat to make your life (and your vet’s!) much easier.

Want to hear more about how Joey got started working with cats? Check out our origin story!

What sets Class Act Cats apart?


Joey is a Certified Cat Behavior Consultant through the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants and has an extensive background in behavioral sciences and biology. He really understands how cats learn and why they do what they do! He completed education from the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants, Pet Professional Guild, Animal Humane Society, Karen Pryor Academy, and more. He even earned a certificate specifically in feline inappropriate elimination (litter box) problems!

Understanding Humans

Understanding cats is important, but so is understanding the human component. Joey works in mental health and knows how to work with people, too. Happy cats mean happy humans! Your needs will ALWAYS be taken into account and the plan will be as low stress for you as possible.

Science Based Approach

We use positive reinforcement methods to modify behavior whenever possible. This approach is scientifically backed and more effective than other methods.


Hiring a behavior consultant is a worthwhile investment. You save yourself the time, stress, and money of failed attempts at managing unwanted behaviors. You’ll have an expert supporting you at every step!


We offer a variety of services to address or prevent behavior problems. Regardless of what you need, chances are we have an option that fits your needs and budget!

Ready to Go?

About Joey

Joey Lusvardi and ZoloftJoey Lusvardi CCBC is a cat behaviorist who owns and operates Class Act Cats. He has always been an animal lover, but his passion for cats really took off when he adopted his first cat. To say his life was changed would be an understatement! After going through some of his own behavior challenges with his cat, Joey became interested in feline behavior. He decided in 2020 that he wanted to do something to help cats and their humans lead more harmonious lives. That’s when the idea for Class Act Cats was born!

Joey is a Certified Cat Behavior Consultant through International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants (IAABC), a member of the Pet Professional Guild, and a professional member of the Cat Writers’ Association . He completed the IAABC Foundation’s comprehensive course on animal behavior consulting prior to starting Class Act Cats in 2021. He is certified in Pet CPR and First Aid through the Pet Emergency Academy, is a Cat Friendly Veterinary Professional, is Low Stress Handling® Certified- Silver Level, is an Elite Fear Free Certified Professional, and is a recipient of a certificate in Feline Inappropriate Elimination Management. Joey holds a bachelor of science degree in psychology from the University of Minnesota and a master’s degree from Concordia University Wisconsin in physician assistant studies.

Outside of his work as a feline behavior consultant, Joey works as a psychiatric physician assistant. Because of this, he has a particular interest in problem behaviors in cats who are emotional support animals along with training cats to be successful as therapy animals.

Besides cats, Joey enjoys making pottery, knitting, running, and growing (cat safe!) houseplants.

Joey has been featured in CNN, Insider, Mic, Rover, and more! Check out some of his media mentions on our media page.

About Our Chief Whisker Officer

Prozac, a flame point Siamese cat, sits with his paws out front by a yellow chair with two kicker toys sitting near him. He is staring at the camera.

An important part of cat behavior training is making sure all interventions are feline-approved. That’s where our Chief Whisker Officer’s role comes in. This role is fulfilled by Prozac, a flame point Siamese cat. He ensures that your cats’ needs are taken into account, too. If not, he’ll let Joey know! Seriously. He’s a Siamese cat so he talks a lot.

Prozac enjoys playing, having the world’s cutest meow, and treats. All treats, not any specific kind. He’ll eat anything!

About Our Chief Catnip Officer

Poutine, a lynx point siamese cat, lays on a blanket with his paw toward the camera and eyes half open.

Poutine is Class Act Cats’ Chief Catnip Officer and is in charge of making sure you and your cats have fun while we’re working together. He is in charge of testing new cat products and, as his title suggests, quality control for all catnip that is used during interventions.

When not stoned out of his cute little mind on the ‘nip, you can probably find Poutine snuggling with Joey. He loves snugs!

Our Inspiration And Chief Purr Officer, Zoloft

Zoloft is the lynx point Siamese cat featured in many of the photos on our website and mentioned throughout our blog posts. He was the reason Joey became interested in cat behavior and was a great companion for many years.

Unfortunately, Zoloft passed away in August 2023. Joey wrote a tribute to Zoloft when he passed to share some of the ways Zoloft changed his life. Z enjoyed chicken, getting chin scratches, and stealing the office chair from Joey. He had a thunderous purr that Joey would look forward to every night during bed time pets. To say he is sorely missed does not even do it justice.

While he is no longer with us physically, Zoloft had a huge impact on Class Act Cats and Joey. His legacy lives on in all the lessons he taught Joey about cats and he continues to help make the world brighter for cats and their humans.

Thank you, Zoloft. I love you forever, my sweet guy.

Joey and Zoloft, a lynx point Siamese cat, sitting together.

Mission Meow Business Partnership

Class Act Cats wants to give back to cats in need and to those who help cats. We’re a proud business partner of Mission Meow. Mission Meow’s goal is to help raise funds for small, cat centric non-profits to make the world a better place for cats.

Learn more about Mission Meow

Statement on Declawing

We are against declawing as a way to manage behavior problems in cats. We fully support any legislation to ban elective declawing of cats. Not only is it cruel, but in many cases, it can CAUSE behavior problems rather than solve them. We do not recommend declawing your cat as a way to prevent scratching furniture, solve cat conflict, or to prevent injury to humans. As a medical professional, Joey would never recommend a patient declaw their cat to prevent illness or injury in line with the CDC’s position on declawing. If you are having trouble with scratching or other behavior concerns, get in contact and we’ll find a safer, more effective alternative to help keep you and your cat safe.