Cat Help Made Accessible for All

Class Act Cats wants to be able to provide expert cat help for anyone who needs it. This includes both during sessions and while navigating our website.

As disability comes in many different forms, we want to make sure any reasonable adjustments to our process can be made based on your individual situation. During the intake process, there is a place on our intake form to request any accommodations needed during our sessions or time working together.

We have taken steps to ensure our website is accessible to people with disabilities including adding alt text to images, ensuring contrast, and making sure forms are easily able to be completed following WCAG guidelines.

If you need assistance with accessibility while using our website or prior to booking a session or have feedback on how we can improve, we are more than happy to help! Just let us know what we can do by e-mailing us at

Please note that we use third party apps for booking and social media and do not have control of the accessibility features offered on those websites. We are happy to come up with a work around given your individual needs. For example, if you are unable to use Calendly for booking, please e-mail us regarding scheduling.