Get Your Cat a Special Treat!

While Class Act Cats’ priority is behavior consultations and cat training, an important component of many behavior and training plans is play. Class Act Cats offers a small, curated selection of cat products at pop up events. While selection varies from event to event, we often have:

  • Wand toys
  • Small toys for solo play
  • Catnip and silver vine from Meowy Janes 
  • Home grown cat grass

In addition to local events, we have a selection of products available at Sunshine Pet Spa in Northeast Minneapolis for their clients.

Joey at an event with a table full of cat products.

Handmade Snuffles and Cat Toys

Joey makes a few cat products to keep your sweet cat busy and mentally stimulated. Availability varies from event to event, but he specializes in making a variety of snuffle feeder toys. He also has kicker toys, wand toys, and crocheted mice available from time to time.

What are snuffles?

Snuffles are a fun feeder toy for your cat made from fabric and a few other materials. Snuffle mats (pictured here) are the most common, but there are other forms, too. They can be used with either dry food or kibble.

Joey makes each snuffle and prioritizes minimizing waste in the process. Whenever possible, scraps are turned into another product or used to fill kicker toys or other fun things for cats.

Interested in purchasing a snuffle? Stop by an event we’re at! We offer the following snuffle options:

  • Snuffle mats: $30
  • Snuffle balls: $17.50
  • Snuffle puffs (kitten sized snuffle balls using recycled materials): $7.50
Colors vary based on fabric availability so no two snuffles are exactly the same.
Two black cats playing with a cat mat.

Looking for suggestions of which cat products to buy?

Not all cat products are good cat products. In fact, are lot are a waste of money. Want some suggestions from a cat expert? Joey keeps a list of his favorite products for easy access for clients. Check out some of his favorite cat products by clicking below!