Class Act Cats In The News

Joey and his cat Zoloft sitting close to each other.Get to know our certified cat behavior consultant, Joey Lusvardi, and learn a few things about cat behavior! Joey has spoken to a variety of media outlets about cats including CNN, People, Insider, Rover, Mic, USA Today, Reader’s Digest, and more! Here is a selection of where he’s been featured.

If you’re from a media outlet and need an expert to comment on cat behavior, I love talking cats! Feel free to e-mail me at and we’ll chat.

Abra Kadabra Environmental Services featured an interview with Joey on mental health and how he takes care of himself so he can take care of your cats.

Class Act Cats was featured in Best Life Online discussing why your cat may be biting your toes along with sharing a few potential solutions.

Thinking about getting pet insurance for your cat? There’s a lot to consider and you’ll want to make a well informed decision before purchasing a plan. If you want some tips on how to decide what to do and if it’s worthwhile, head to Business Insider for some key things to look at.

I was featured in Bustle suggesting some of my favorite cat products to help you stop your cat from scratching your furniture.

Joey was interviewd by CanvasRebel about some challenges he has faced running a small business.

Cleaning up cat poop isn’t fun, especially if it’s on your sofa. What can be done if your cat isn’t using the litter box to poop? I shared a few tips with Chewy about how to get your cat using their box again.

Thinking of bringing home a new kitten? I helped contribute to Chewy’s new kitten checklist! Make sure you have all the supplies you need before your new fluff ball comes home.

Have a wild kitten? Get some tips on how to get their endless energy contained over at Chewy.

Looking for a holiday (or an anytime, really) gift for your cat? I, along with other cat experts, have some suggestions.

Like humans, cats have things they like or don’t like. It’s easier than you’d think to ask your cat if they’re okay with something. Getting consent from your cat will make your life way easier in the end. Check out some tips on how to ask for consent from your cat.

Cats do some odd, but adorable, things. Hair licking is a strange behavior, but there are a few explanations for why it’s happening.

Self cleaning and robotic litter boxes are convenient for us, but ultimately your cat needs to decide to use it. There are ways to pick out a better self cleaning box if you’re going for one and Joey provided some insights into how to choose a good one.

Destructive scratching can be a problem, but it’s absolutely something you can manage. Here a few tips to try.

Cats can be finicky, but do they hold grudges? Find out more about if your cat is holding a grudge against you.

If your cat is lost, it can be extremely stressful. Here are a few tips on things to try to help bring your kitty home safely.

Grooming cats can be challenging even for professional groomers. I shared some tips on making cat grooms less difficult for both human and cat with Groomer to Groomer magazine.

Keeping your cat off your counter can be a challenge, but there are ways you can reduce the chances of your cat counter surfing.

I love talking about litter box problems. I was thrilled to chat with Insider about cat spraying and marking solutions. Check out the article for some tips!

I spoke with Insider on cat training! Yes, you can train your cat. It’s a lot of fun!

Insider talked to Joey about his thoughts on the recent viral trend of spooking your cat with a cucumber. Read the article to learn more!

Another Insider interview about why your cats are rubbing against you. (It’s actually very sweet!)

I was interviewed by my favorite catnip, silvervine, and valerian supplier, Meowy Janes, about cat behavior! Check out the interview and then check out their selection of goodies for your cats.

While not all behavior concerns are as simple as getting a new product to solve the issue, there are a lot of tools that can help. Check out some of my suggestions for helping with cat behavior concerns.

Does your cat love you? I hope so, but how can you tell if you’re your cat’s favorite person? Here’s what to look for to tell how attached to you your cat is.

Deciding on which cat litter to get? I shared a few suggestions with People about how to pick out a good one.

A good scratching post will keep your cat happy and your furniture intact. See some tips I shared with People and check out which posts their cats seemed to like the best.

American Shorthair cats are pretty common, but still amazing creatures. Learn more about this fascinating breed.

Want to tell your cat how much you care in a way they’ll understand and appreciate? It’s possible with these tips.

Holidays can be stressful for humans and the last thing you want to worry about is your cat’s wellbeing. Learn how to keep your cat safe and happy during the most festive time of the year.

If you’re worried about your cat being safe at home while you’re not around, check out some some tips on keeping them out of danger.

Cat vocalizations and body language are complex. I shared a few hints on how to address yowling with Pumpkin. Check ’em out here!

Cats are territorial creatures, but do they get jealous? Can they become upset that you’re not paying attention to them?

While it used to be normalized to leave your cats home alone with a bowl of food when you are gone for the weekend, we actually recommend against that. Learn about how often your cat should be checked on when you’re not around.

Cats wandering through your yard and you’d rather they didn’t? There are a few methods that you can try to keep wandering cats from creating trouble in your garden.

Cats headbutting you may seem odd, but to your cat it’s usually a sign of affection. Learn more about this adorable behavior on Rover’s blog.

Cat litter isn’t all created equal. If you’re trying to decide which kind to use, here are some suggestions on what to look for.

Learn how to stop your cat from waking you up at night with some tips from myself and other behavior experts.

One of the most important times in a cat’s life is when they are a kitten. Socializing kittens is an important skill and, if done properly, can set them up for success. I shared some tips with Rover about how to do the process correctly so your kitten has a successful life.

There’s a lot of debate about whether male or female cats are better and for what situations they are better. Of course, some of these lines of thinking aren’t accurate. Find out what the evidence says is different between male and female cats to help make an informed decision.

Destructive scratching is a big problem for a lot of humans. Thankfully, the solution is easier than you’d think. Head to to learn what Joey has to say about stopping unwanted scratching.

Wand toys are a great way to actively play with your cat and get their natural need to hunt satisfied. Some wand toys are better than others. Check out these recommendations from Joey in the Spruce Pets!

I love catnip and I love cats on catnip. I shared some information about catnip and catnip toys with the Spruce Pets to help you pick out a ‘nip filled toy your cat will love.

Want to keep track of your cat’s location? Check out this review of one GPS tracker for cats featuring insights into cat territory from me.

Think all cat furniture is ugly? Think again! There are a lot of really nice-looking choices you can get. Learn about what’s out there and some important considerations from your cat’s perspective when picking out litter box furniture.

I wrote a special blog post for Whisker, the folks behind the Litter Robot, about a tough and emotional topic. Rehoming isn’t a choice to be taken lightly, but sometimes it’s the kind thing for the cat. Head to their blog to see what I have to say on this difficult and nuanced topic.

I love talking cat toys and sent a few suggestions to Woman’s Day. Read more on what to look for in a cat toy!

Some cats will lift their but up when you give them the good scratches. Why is this? The answer may surprise you!

Articles Featuring Our First Chief Purr Officer!

It’s not just Joey that’s out there making the news. Our CPO, Zoloft, made the news a few times while he was around!

Zoloft, a lynx point Siamese cat, looking handsome

Zoloft Featured In Forbes

A few years ago, our Chief Purr Officer was featured in a Forbes article on a shortage of his namesake. (Joey was quoted as well, but Z is the real star!)

Read Z’s Feature!

Joey and Zoloft, a lynx point Siamese cat, sitting together.

200+ Funny Cat Names... Featuring Z!

Reader’s Digest was coming up with a list of funny cat names and of course Zoloft managed to sneak his way into the article. Joey provided some insights on considerations with naming your cat, too.

Check out the list

WikiHow Articles

Did you know Joey is an expert co-author for WikiHow? Here are a few of the articles I contributed to.