Class Act Cats: Cat Behavior Consulting and Wellness Services

Class Act Cats, LLC is a cat behavior consulting service run by Joey Lusvardi. I use a behavioral science based approach to identify the source of behavior concerns and create a customized behavior change plan that works for you and your cat. With a focus on positive reinforcement techniques, your cat will actually enjoy their journey from sassy to classy!

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What do people have to say about Class Act Cats?

Read these reviews of satisfied cat parents whose cats are less sassy and more classy!

  • "Highly recommend: My shy year old rescue kitty, Calypso, was exhibiting bothersome biting behavior at cuddle time. After a brief consultation with Joey to chose the most appropriate training, I enrolled in Class Act Cats Top Hat program and couldn't be any happier!! Joey was very thorough in his evaluation of Calypso's behavior and explained things to me very well. He developed a practical behavior plan that I could easily implement at home. He also provided other suggestions to help enrich my time with Calypso (and her cat sibling, Virgil). After a few weeks of following through with Joey's plan, Calypso has improved so much and no longer bites for attention. Overall, she has grown to be more affectionate and trusting. I am so excited about Calypso's improvement that I am planning to enlist Class Act Cats' help again to work on clicker training Calypso and Virgil in the near future. Thank you so much, Joey and Class Act Cats!!!"

  • "Joey is brilliant, and he knows what he’s talking about when it comes to cats. I’m a first time cat owner, and when I brought home two kittens, Joey knew everything that I needed to do to prepare my home for my two babies. He was patient and thorough with me when meticulously going through each room to ensure that my kittens would be safe, healthy, and happy in their new home. Since bringing them home, he has coached me regularly and ensured that my kittens are looked after well. Joey has such a gentle approach of ensuring that cats are positively reinforced, and it has worked so well for my kittens! Joey’s coaching has been such a huge help for my kittens, and I cannot recommend Class Act Cats enough. ❤️"

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