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Grey kitten in a litter box

Cat Litter Box Training Guide

When people adopt a puppy, one of the first things they do is train the puppy to go to the bathroom outside… understandably so! Litter box training is something that logically you’d also need to

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A black cat with amber eyes wearing a bat costume.

Black Cats and Bad Luck

I’m sure many of you have heard various manifestations of the myth that black cats bring bad luck. Some of them are tied into Friday the 13th and others involve the cat crossing your path.

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A beautiful brown tabby Maine coon cat sitting on a table.

Should I Get A Cat?

I’m not biased at all* when I say that cats are delightful creatures. *I am totally and completely biased. Cats can really enhance your life and bring you a lot of joy. That said, it’s

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An orange tabby cat lying on a roll of toilet paper

Toilet Training Your Cat

A few years ago, a post went around featuring a product that claimed you could use it to teach your cat how to use a toilet. This was before I got into cat behavior so

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Two orange tabby and white kittens play fighting.

What Is Play Aggression In Cats?

Cats can bite for many reasons. In some cases, it may be due to anxiety or not having access to a less dangerous set of defenses. Today, I want to discuss another common reason cats

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