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A black cat peeking its head above a concrete roof.
Are Cats Easy Pets?

I, shockingly as someone who dedicated his life to cats, spend a lot of time talking to folks about cats. One phrase I hear entirely too often is something along the lines of, “I really

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A bengal cat sitting on a kitchen table.
Do Cats Hate Us?

A friend sent me a tweet that has been floating around the internet today about cats experiencing an increase in depression due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Here’s a screenshot of the tweet in question: I

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A Bengal cat curled up on a bed on white sheets.
Super Bowl LVI: Go Bengals!

Today is Super Bowl LVI. For those who don’t pay attention to football (full disclosure: I am fully in this camp) or live under a rock, the game features the Rams vs. the Bengals. Needless

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A grey cat sitting behind a large potted house plant.
Happy Cats, Happy Plants

For those of you who missed it, I did a very special Instagram Live with the one and only Planty Queens yesterday! I had so much fun talking plants and cats (and Roombas and ferrets).

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A display room full of cat trees.
Picking the Purrfect Cat Tower

Cat towers: Some people love them, some people hate them. Most cats love them. So what’s a human to do? Get a cat tower, obviously. I run a cat business and write a cat behavior

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A white and orange cat wearing a red harness sniffing a hand.
LIMA: Not Just A City In Peru

Today’s post is designed to familiarize you with the approach Class Act Cats takes to behavior modification. There are many different components to behavior modification and cat training including a variety of theoretical and ethical

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