Schedule Follow Up Sessions

Need to continue working on your cat’s behavior beyond the initial follow-up period or want to set up a time to chat more? Current behavior consultation clients can schedule follow-up sessions if you are looking for help with the same problem here. If you have a new problem (for example, we met initially for human directed aggression and you now have a litter box issue), you may need to do another full consultation. Please contact me if you aren’t sure.

Follow up sessions are done virtually unless I have a specific reason I recommend another in home session.

This page is only for clients who are doing behavior consultations, my reintroduction program, prevention packages, or Easy Cat Care.

If you are a cat training client, please head to my cat training page to schedule follow-up sessions.

If you haven’t scheduled your initial consultation yet, please make sure you schedule an initial 90-minute session to get started.

Purchase Individual Follow Up Sessions

A tabby cat resting their head on one paw gazing downward. They look deep in thought.

Single 45 Minute Virtual Follow Up

45 minute follow up session
Includes 21 days of follow up Expires 6 months from purchase if you need to reschedule

An orange and white cat sitting on a bed next to an open laptop.

Single 1 Hour Virtual Follow Up

1 hour follow up session
Includes 30 days of follow up Expires 6 months from purchase if you need to reschedule

Two tabby cats, eyes closed and snuggling

Single In Home Follow Up

The majority of follow ups are done virtually. In rare cases, me returning or coming out for an in home follow up makes sense so I limit people to one in home session.

In home follow ups require approval directly from me and require that I will be doing something specific that cannot be accomplished virtually.
Please e-mail me to discuss if you would like an in home follow up.

Schedule Pre-Purchased Sessions

30 Minute Initial Session Add On

3, 5, or 8 Session Follow Up Packages


If you have a cat conflict case and you are part of my reintroduction program involving shorter, more frequent meetings, you can use the button below to schedule a follow-up session or purchase a package of sessions.

If you purchased hour long sessions, please scroll up to schedule your session.

Two orange cats walking side by side on a grass lawn.

A Note About In Home Follow Ups

While I love meeting your cats, petting your cats, and in some cases threatening to take your cats home with me, in home follow up sessions aren’t often needed for me to continue helping you. Because of this, I limit clients to one in home session. There may be cases where I plan on actively doing something with your cat. In these situations, I may offer an in-home follow-up session.

If you’d like to request an in-home follow-up session and are understanding that I may politely decline, you can feel free to request one. I ask that you have something specific that you want me to do if you are looking for an in-home session. Virtual sessions work just as well in most cases so you won’t be missing out on much.

For in-home follow-ups, there is an additional cost involved due to time and travel costs. I have an hour minimum for in-home sessions.