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A grey and white kitten sitting on a potted plant.
Keeping Cats Away From Plants

Cats are curious creatures. It’s not uncommon for that curiosity to result in chewing on plants when bored. Some cats have a natural tendency to chew on plants more than others. While chewing on some

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A closeup of a catnip plant.
What’s The Deal With Catnip?

Happy National Catnip Day! What? It’s a real thing. I am declaring today, April 20th, National Catnip Day for *ahem* reasons. Sure, I may be the only one celebrating it, but hopefully with some time

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A black and white cat running through a field.
Why Isn’t My Cat Listening To Me?

Most people don’t contact me because their cat is behaving how they’d like. In fact, that’s the majority of what I do: help cat owners solve behavior problems. As you’d expect, I hear a lot

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Two orange tabby cats fighting.
Help! My Cats Are Fighting!

Life with multiple cats can be great: lots of purrs, more snuggles, and cats that may keep each other entertained. Life with fighting cats is less enjoyable, however. Even cats that have gotten along well

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