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A calico cat sleeps on a deep green chair with a salmon colored pillow.
Cat Proofing Your Home

Whether you’re bringing home a new cat or you have a cat that’s chewing on your wires, an important responsibility of being a cat parent is making sure your home is safe for your cats.

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A brown tabby cat with big ears chews on a thick blade of grass.
How To Grow Cat Grass

If you have a cat that tends to nibble on plants, one of the best ways to stop your cat from chewing on plants is by growing cat grass. By growing cat grass, you can

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A tabby cat lays on their side on a concrete patio by some wood furniture with paws extended. The cat is looking sad or longingly forward.
Stress Reduction For Cats

I always tell my clients that cats are cute little balls of anxiety. Because cats can be so anxious, stress reduction for cats is a topic that comes up a lot during consultations. While reducing

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